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The Summer of 2023

Tour & taxis brings brussels to life again

Summer has finally arrived! Warm afternoons, sultry evenings and – above all – long days. Time to explore. To relax. To enjoy. Together or on your own. This summer, Tour & Taxis once again transforms itself into an appealing oasis of summer fun in the middle of the city. From June to September we have scheduled a great mix of activities to add zest to your summer.

For culinary delights, your destination is Gare Maritime – Food Market, where innovative elite chefs treat you to creative, sustainable dishes. The Royal Depot is the place to be for delicious lunches throughout the week or a long lazy brunch at the weekend.

Prefer to be more active? Visit one of our summer exhibitions. Or arrange to meet friends at Place de la musique for your first annual ping pong or pétanque world championship. Or head over to the park for a refreshing run or a stroll. 

Check out the whole programme and plan your Summer of Tour & Taxis.

Come and get a taste of what the summer has to offer in the liveliest district in Brussels

Everyone is welcome.

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