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Tightrope walking

Learn how to walk a tightrope at the Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles.

The Brussels circus school is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and is challenging you to get to grips with the technique of tightrope walking or funambulism. A good dose of perseverance and a good sense of balance will come in very handy. The QR codes next to the tightrope link to short films that help you with the basic techniques. At fixed times, a trained circus animator will be on site to teach by example. Whatever you do… don’t look down!


Check 1, 2, 3!

Eighteen months without a live audience to play for. Musicians have had a really hard time of it. Luckily, that’s going to change this summer. In our Agora, we plan to give everyone, whether professional or amateur, the opportunity of connecting with a live audience. No more livestreams. Come to the park, take your place on stage, do your thing and enjoy! You’re not a musician but you are interested? Take a seat, relax and let yourself be amazed. 

Music Bar

It's always a good time (somewhere in the world) to enjoy an aperitif.

Last year, Olivier – the brains behind Skievelat and Boerement – gave us wonderful summer vibes with Bar Maritime. This season, he’s working out a new concept for the Muziekplein. A container serves as a guinguette (cabaret bar) or pop-up bar with pavement café and lovely loungers. There’s no better place to start the evening, whether you like Belgian beers, summer cocktails, good wines or refreshing bubbles. And we’re not talking about the kind of bubbles that dominated the media this last year. Add some DJ sets and a relaxed ambiance … et Voilà: the perfect kick-off for a night out in Brussels. Naturally, you can also just hang around there too.

Roel Heremans - MONolith #

Discover Roel Hereman's interactive imagination compositions.

13.06-31.08 Gare Maritime

Roel Heremans is a transdisciplinary artist whose work takes place at the interface between audio and visual arts and participatory experiences. For Monolith#, he developed an interactive column which immerses four participants at a time in a total experience.
Heremans invites you to put on headphones and take an imaginary trip. A voice guides you past thoughts and movements which create a powerful group feeling, even though the participants keep a safe distance from each other. Monolith# provides worthwhile human connections that comply with the 1.5-metres rule and still reflect on connectedness in the era of social media. Even between people who wouldn’t otherwise meet that easily.
In July, Roel Heremans will be collaborating with Het Huis van het Nederlands and neighbourhood residents to create a new interactive imagination experience based on the consequences of social media algorithms.

Salsa and tango

It doesn't get any more sensual than this.

Haven’t seen a dance floor in months? Then this summer refresher course is just what you need. Shake your hips loose because on the Muziekplein, experienced and beginning Latin lovers can come and dance every Saturday. The team from Lékipdance gives salsa and tango lessons to groups of up to 50 people. Close your eyes and let yourself be transported to the accompaniment of hot Latin American sounds. You can join in throughout the summer, but only if you pre-register through the Lékipdance website.

Bar Yvonne /Yvonne Catering

Pop-up bar in een architectural urban jungle

This year again, you can find delicious food and drinks at a cosy covered pavement café, at Bar Yvonne. And in the impressive setting of the Gare Maritime. Once an industrial freight station, now a paragon of circular architecture. Also an ideal location for an informal get-together. Because let’s face it, if you finally go for real contact after months of video calls, you choose a beautiful setting, don’t you?

Guided tours of Tour & Taxis

Ready for the big tour?

Interested to know the history, the renovation and the future of Gare Maritime? You’ll find out about all of it during this tour. Did you know that at the beginning of the 20th century, Gare Maritime was the largest freight station in Europe? And that today, it’s breaking all records in the innovative world of circular construction? In the course of a 90-minute walk, the Korei guides will show you the sights of our lively city district. And this year, they’ll be paying special attention to the impressive Gare Maritime. There’s plenty to tell. 

Mini Golf

It wouldn't be summer without Mini Golf.

We are constructing a Mini Golf course for young and old in Gare Maritime. Perfect for a family day out when it’s rainy or too hot. It’s always pleasant in the covered station concourses of Gare Maritime. There are XX holes to be won. The person who ends last has to treat the rest!

Expo Hyper-realism Sculpture Ceci n’est pas un corps

A co-production by Tempora, Ika and Demeter

This expo presents hyper-realistic sculptures that unsettle our views on art. Artists including Berlinde De Bruyckere and Ron Mueck resolutely turn their backs on abstraction and do their utmost to create the most accurate possible representation of nature. Sometimes, they depict the human body so realistically that a feeling of alienation is generated in the spectator. It’s no accident that the subtitle of the exhibition refers to Ceci n’est pas une pipe, the famous piece of work by René Magritte. But if it’s not real, what is it? Interested to learn about the production techniques that preceded the works of art? Various artists explain their work throughout the exhibition.

There are works by more than 40 hyper-realistic artists, including George Segal, Ron Mueck, Maurizio Cattelan, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Duane Hanson, Carole A. Feuerman and John De Andrea.

Swish basketball

The magic of basketball

In July, children and young people can take part in Swish basketball training in De Sheds. But they’ll learn much more, because Swish is a school for life. During the training sessions, you are immersed in the ‘Swish way of life’: how can you always have a positive attitude towards life? Discipline and mutual respect are the key words. The synergy between older and younger players is unique. The dynamic and committed Swish coaches focus on support, acknowledgement and encouragement. Because when coaches and children have fun together, there’s magic in the air. That magic? That’s Swish.

Expo Dinosaurs Alive

The dinosaurs are coming again.

Are you ready for a gigantic adventure with more than 80 animated dinosaurs? Dinosaurs Alive is a tele-time machine that catapults you millions of years back in time. It will be a fascinating journey where you’ll meet spectacular species that dominated the animal kingdom for 140 million years. These days, only a few skeletons of these giants remain. Dinosaurs Alive is a fantastic exhibition in De Sheds that brings them back to life.

Mini expos in Maison de la Poste  

Inspiring makers are given a spot in Maison de la Poste.

During the summer months, Maison de la Poste is hosting a series of exhibitions by inspiring makers, on weekdays, during office hours no less. On the first floor until 30 June, you can visit the exhibition by contemporary artist Kaarin Poppe. She works impulsively and intuitively with acrylic and oil pastels on canvas, in her search for human and animal emotions in which everyone can recognise themselves.

Jasper Léonard takes over from her on the first floor from 1 July to 1 October. He is a photographer and film maker whose work balances on the thin line between reality and expression, where he tries to restructure the reality he registers. 

On the second floor, works by Hernan Omar Sosa will be exhibited until 30 June.

Karen Hendrick takes over the space from him at the beginning of July. Her art is inspired by dance and movement and she researches the lowest common denominator with her own arts practice.

Niels Vaes - Steven antonio manes

A Talk With The Sun

01.07-31.08 Gare Maritime

Visual artist Niels Vaes’ work is influenced by a diversity of symbolic, historic and psychological themes. He makes sculptural interventions and experimental paintings. And he studies the possibilities offered to him by graphics. He often combines all of this in multimedia installations which he develops, customised for specific locations. This summer, he will be providing Gare Maritime with just such an installation.

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