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A world full of bubbles!Explore a surreal and colorful world of bubbles designed to stimulate the senses

Play with soap bubbles, balloons, lights and more!


Following their success last year, the Nicolas Bouglione circus returns in February 2023 on tour throughout Belgium to present you its brand new show!

A fascinating show of more than 1h30 and 100% human for young and old.

Come and spend a magical moment with your family or friends at the circus where poetry, fun and amazement will be at their peak under our heated big top!

belexpo_tourtaxis kids expo

How can we live together better in the city of tomorrow? In this interactive exhibition Bruxelles Environnement challenges you to come up with an answer to that question. Your task is to look for ways to address urban issues affecting cities like Brussels, such as noise and air pollution. You also explore the impact of green spaces, food production and consumer habits on the climate and everyday life in an urban setting. Happily there is also plenty of room for dreams. What we can do differently. And how we can turn those dreams into reality. 

A museum devoted to the history of video games? We’re more than happy to take a break from our Nintendo Switch to check that out. The Pixel Museum has an impressive collection of games, consoles and arcade machines. Like a hands-on experience? Go for it: you can play 50 or so games. Over the summer holidays, kids aged 10 and over can also sign up for workshops to learn how to make their own game.

pixel museum

In a museum of 1500m², exercise your senses and challenge your brain in a colourful universe! Dedicated to the five senses, our perceptions and illusions, the WOM is scientific but also recreational.

Enjoy this exceptional experience which questions reality as we perceive it and where science meets fun!

Discover famous illusions such as the mirror room or the vortex but also experiences never seen before in Belgium. Get ready for a visit full of surprises and emotions!

OUtdoor play area

A brand-new outdoor play area between Gare Maritime and the Quai aux Poissons opened to enthusiastic young visitors and residents in May. Complete with slide, climbing frames and ropes course. Summer tip for parents: the Gare Maritime – Food Market and the Corona Extra beach bar are within walking distance.

With its 8 courts and considered the most beautiful in Belgium thanks to its listed building and architectural jewel:

The brand-new club features a super-friendly 160m2 tapas bar plus a 100m2 rooftop that can be privatized, offering a unique view of the courts, secure parking for scooters and bikes (free) and cars (€3 max), showers, changing rooms, WC, etc

BattleKart is quintessential of video gaming, augmented reality and electric go-karting, brought together to provide you with unparalleled sensations! Imagine a track on which we project different circuits and playing modes, where you progress at full speed onboard an electric kart while interacting with the scenery, the bonuses, and the other players.

Ping pong & pétanque

Place de la musique is the central plaza at Tour & Taxis. Here you can stroll into the park from Avenue de Port. When the weather’s good people come here to enjoy a game of ping pong or pétanque in the sun. Like to challenge friends, family or workmates in a tournament? You’re welcome to use the tables and terrains as you please.

This summer, battle your friends in your own ping pong or pétanque world championship at Tour & Taxis.

Cables are installed at various heights around the Tour & Taxis park. They are free to use if you’re set on tidying up your tightrope technique. So what do you need? A good sense of balance and a lot of perseverance. Start low and challenge yourself to gradually go higher.

running tour taxis

Running and walking in the park

The Tour & Taxis park has its own 850m Finnish running trail. The woodchips absorb the impact on your feet, protecting your body as you run. Ideal for those looking for a runner’s high. Use one of the showers at Gare Maritime to freshen up when you’re done. The park is also the perfect setting for a long satisfying walk. It stretches from Quai aux Poissons, under Pont Bockstael, through Park L28 all the way to Place Emile Bockstael.

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