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Tutankhamun: His Tomb and His Treasures

Ready for an unforgettable journey through time? The Tutankhamun: His Tomb and His Treasures exhibition whisks you off to the Valley of the Kings in Ancient Egypt. Follow in the century-old footsteps of British archaeologist and Egyptologist Howard Carter to explore the legendary pharaoh’s tomb, filled with a wealth of treasures.

A great story of navigation

Some 70% of the surface of the earth is under water. Our distant ancestors saw seas and oceans as barriers they could not traverse. Until they started building boats. From the earliest canoes that neolithic people carved out of tree trunks to the longboats Vikings used to pillage and plunder. From the logs of the great explorers to the importance of today’s maritime transport. Plunge into the history of shipping in the new interactive exhibition A Great Story of Navigation and explore the many discoveries and innovations it has brought.

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How can we live together better in the city of tomorrow? In this interactive exhibition Bruxelles Environnement challenges you to come up with an answer to that question. Your task is to look for ways to address urban issues affecting cities like Brussels, such as noise and air pollution. You also explore the impact of green spaces, food production and consumer habits on the climate and everyday life in an urban setting. Happily there is also plenty of room for dreams. What we can do differently. And how we can turn those dreams into reality. 


A museum devoted to the history of video games? We’re more than happy to take a break from our Nintendo Switch to check that out. The Pixel Museum has an impressive collection of games, consoles and arcade machines. Like a hands-on experience? Go for it: you can play 50 or so games. Over the summer holidays, kids aged 10 and over can also sign up for workshops to learn how to make their own game.

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At the Tour & Taxis park just over Bockstael bridge, you’ll find Parckfarm, a neighbourhood collective with an environmental mission. The Parckfarm team devote their time to sustainable urban farming together with a varied program of social and educational activities. These include a walk in the park in search for edible and medicinal plants you can pick. And herb workshops to introduce you to the wonderful world of botany. The farmhouse serves up a delicious vegetarian lunch on Wednesdays and Fridays. If you’d like to learn to cook your own environmentally friendly dishes, sign up for a workshop now.

OUtdoor play area

A brand-new outdoor play area between Gare Maritime and the Quai aux Poissons opened to enthusiastic young visitors and residents in May. Complete with slide, climbing frames and ropes course. Summer tip for parents: the Gare Maritime – Food Market and the Corona Extra beach bar are within walking distance.

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Summer Markets

Summer just isn’t complete without a relaxed rummage around a market or two. Rest assured: we have a whole bunch of them to enjoy over the next few months. Fleurs de Bruxelles, for one. A colourful flower market where you can buy local seasonal blooms. Or Voddemet, a mecca for lovers of vintage stuff and bric-a-brac. Prefer something new and original? The local makers and designers at Brussels Makers Market will definitely have you reaching for your wallet.


Don’t worry, be happy! No need to fear any strict covid restrictions at Corona Beach, our exclusive pop-up bar on Quai aux Poissons. But there will be plenty of Mexican beer and summer beach vibes. The ideal setting in which to while away a sunny afternoon and a sultry summer’s evening. DJ sets and performances add to the ambience.

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Two celebrated Brussels festivals return to the impressive indoor setting of Gare Maritime for the second year in a row this summer. Boterhammen in de stad is open afternoons at the end of August. Stay on till the evening for musical pleasures during Feeërieën. More info coming soon. 

Swish basketball

Swish are hosting basketball training sessions for youngsters in the Sheds this July. The perfect opportunity for them to immerse themselves in the swish way of life. The engaging Swish coaches provide support, encouragement and applause.


Ping pong & pétanque

Place de la musique is the central plaza at Tour & Taxis. Here you can stroll into the park from Avenue de Port. When the weather’s good people come here to enjoy a game of ping pong or pétanque in the sun. Like to challenge friends, family or workmates in a tournament? You’re welcome to use the tables and terrains as you please.

This summer, battle your friends in your own ping pong or pétanque world championship at Tour & Taxis.

Tightrope walking

Cables are installed at various heights around the Tour & Taxis park. They are free to use if you’re set on tidying up your tightrope technique. So what do you need? A good sense of balance and a lot of perseverance. Start low and challenge yourself to gradually go higher.

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Running and walking in the park

The Tour & Taxis park has its own 850m Finnish running trail. The woodchips absorb the impact on your feet, protecting your body as you run. Ideal for those looking for a runner’s high. Use one of the showers at Gare Maritime to freshen up when you’re done. The park is also the perfect setting for a long satisfying walk. It stretches from Quai aux Poissons, under Pont Bockstael, through Park L28 all the way to Place Emile Bockstael.

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